I am a visual artist that uses photography and video. I am a southerner who traveled with my Army family from Georgia where I was born (on an army base) to Japan, the northwest, and even further northwest to Alaska.  We crisscrossed the country at least four times. These travels may account for my forever roaming and restless eye. In this web site I have attempted to categorize my photographs by certain themes or topics that emerge and reveal themselves to me ex post facto.
My photographs and videos have been shown at the Piedmont Arts Festival, Columbus State University, Georgia State University, Agnes Scott College, Eyedrum Gallery, Doogallery, Sycamore Gallery, and Youngblood Galleries. My photography influences and inspirations include Duane Michaels, Alec Soth, Gordon Parks, Jerry Uelsmann, Sally Mann, Les Krims, Diane Arbus, Dorothea Lange, Henri Cartier-Bresson, my friend Kenny Gray and of course Louis Daguerre. I have an MFA in Studio Art (photography/video) and a BA in Film Studies from Georgia State University.

Link to older web site with research papers on Banksy, Emmet Gowin.