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I get obsessed with empty business parks, abandoned factories, vacant homes, and buildings. Lives were once lived in these spaces. Harsh words and loving expressions happened inside the now-vacant rooms. Some work happened.  People talked, dragged boxes across concrete floors under flickering florescent lights, argued, laughed, drove forklifts, answered phones, and presumably made money for a while. What happened? A gnat’s ass of a minor mystery whose answer is known by someone.

Downtown Atlanta, August 2023

Light Beam, Courtland Av, Atlanta, GA ©2022 Calvin Burgamy

Good Times © 2022 Calvin Burgamy

Holly, Krog Tunnel, Atlanta, GA ©2021 Calvin Burgamy

Vines, Atlanta, GA ©2021 Calvin Burgamy

Candice © 2021 Calvin Burgamy

Turning the Corner ©2019 Calvin Burgamy

Jesus in a Chair ©2019 Calvin Burgamy

Vacant Building, Tucker, GA ©2019 Calvin Burgamy

Car Wash (video still) ©2019 Calvin Burgamy

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