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Fantastical suggests a wild lack of restraint, a fancifulness so extreme as to lose touch with reality: a fantastic scheme for a series of space cities. In informal use, fantastic often means simply “exceptionally good”: a fantastic meal. Fantastical means markedly unusual or extraordinarily strange, sometimes whimsically so.

Emperor Moth (Saturnia pavonia) © 2018 Calvin Burgamy

Mayor in Submarine, Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Mao Swimming, Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Kingfisher over Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Earthrise over Pine Lake, GA, ©Calvin Burgamy

Cardinal, Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Western Wetlands, Pine Lake, Ga @2020 Calvin Burgamy

Pterodactyl, Chichen Itza, MX ©Calvin Burgamy

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