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Big Lots, Behind Suburban Plaza ©2018 Calvin Burgamy

Emperor Moth (Saturnia pavonia) © 2018 Calvin Burgamy

Red Coke Boxes, Behind Suburban Plaza © 2018 Calvin Burgamy

Alabama Rest Stop © 2018 Calvin Burgamy

Tina at the end of an art project © 2018 Calvin Burgamy

Street Scene ©2018 Calvin Burgamy

Mayor in Submarine, Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Murder Mystery ©Calvin Burgamy

Mom, Dad, Snooky, and 64 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon ©Calvin Burgamy

Mao Swimming, Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Hummingbirds, Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Kingfisher over Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Earthrise over Pine Lake, GA, ©Calvin Burgamy

Big Fish, Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Cardinal, Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Western Wetlands, Pine Lake ©Calvin Burgamy

Airship over Pine Lake ©Calvin Burgamy

Pterodactyl, Chichen Itza, MX ©Calvin Burgamy

Diaper Depot, Behind Suburban Plaza ©2018 Calvin Burgamy

Complete Medical Products, Behind Suburban Plaza ©2018 Calvin Burgamy

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