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Mayor in Submarine, Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Murder Mystery ©Calvin Burgamy

Mom, Dad, Snooky, and 64 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon ©Calvin Burgamy

Mao Swimming, Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Hummingbirds, Pine Lake, GA ©Calvin Burgamy

Airship over Pine Lake ©Calvin Burgamy

Tina's Makeup Bag ©Calvin Burgamy

Moss Penny

Woman at Art Gallery

Holding the New Testament

Mona, Waiting for a Cab, Atlanta ©Calvin Burgamy

Self Portrait May, 2017


Rob & Henry & Chloe

Dowdell's Knob, Pine Mountain, GA

Lafayette Park, New Orleans

hilton head island, south kakkalakki, on a foggy beach, tina and i.

candice and bocce balls

emma tatum

off track

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